Month: October 2015

How to Succeed in Business – Do What You Love

If you want to be a better businessman, you have to learn a few things about how to do that. First of all, like anything, you need to get the fundamentals down before you start messing with all of the different nuances that will make your business special.

Fabio Alberto Mendez DangondOne of the first and most important principles of getting into a business is to make sure that it is in a field or an area that you love and are passionate about. Business can be very competitive and difficult to even survive in, let alone thrive. It requires a level of time dedication that is bound to wear anybody out who doesn’t have a true passion for what they do. That is why the best way to avoid bottoming out in business is to do what you love. Your business should be a complement to you, fitting your own personality and style. Remember that when you own a business, it owns a piece of you too, and you should give it a certain style and flare to make it recognizable to yourself.

The reason that it is so important to love your business is because it takes so much time and energy and investment in a business just so you don’t lose money. If you are getting into a business you had no passion for, the odds are greater it will fail. While it is okay not to like everything about your business and job, in the bigger picture you should believe fully in the business’s principles.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is a businessman who notes how important passion is in every field.


Building a Better Business – Meet Challenges

If you ever look at the best and brightest businessmen and women around the world, you will notice that none of them have ever shied away from a challenge. As a matter of fact, many of them face a challenge head-on, even relishing in it. That is because they like to rise to the occasion, to test themselves and overcome obstacles that are thrown in their path.

Fabio Alberto Mendez DangondNo matter how easy someone else’s life may look, chances are it isn’t. Just about everyone has faced unseen challenges that you could never know about. Life is a journey for everyone, each challenge different, but rewarding in its own way. What makes a person successful is not being afraid of these challenges; it’s about embracing them and using them as a chance to prove oneself. Many business owners shy away from challenges or issues that arise within their company because they would just rather not deal with it. This kind of mentality will doom their business to never succeed as much as it could. A real business owner takes the well-being of his business into their own hands, making sure everything is exactly how they envision it.

If you want your business to be successful, what you need to do is first see clearly each obstacle and challenge that your business currently faces. Are you having problems getting products at affordable prices? If that is so, find a way to change that. Do not rest until you find a vendor who will give you quality products at a fair price.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is a professional businessman who always rises to meet a challenge.

Building Good Business – The Inner Circle

Doing well in business requires many different skillsets and mindsets in order to tackle the tough days. Many good businesses had certain points during their development that were very uncertain. You would be hard-pressed to find a business that was never in the red during any point of its development.

 Fabio Alberto Mendez DangondThat being said, there are certain things that distinguish a winning business from a losing one, something that all boils down to the owner. A good business owner builds his company carefully, only allowing the best and brightest into the inner circle. If you surround yourself with talented and positive people, you can climb up the business ladder more quickly than ever before. Being around people who breed negativity is a big business no-no, as it is often contagious. This contagion can spread as well, infecting your establishment from the ground up, inhibiting growth and making your employees lose faith in your company. That is why it is so important that every single person in your company has a positive mindset and wants to be a part of the bigger picture.

The reason it is so important to keep good company when running a business, is because one bad apple can certainly spoil the whole bunch, and it doesn’t take long either. In a world as competitive and cutthroat as business, you want to give yourself as many edges as possible, and having a negative or apathetic person on your side is a sure-fire way to stop your business from growing the way that it deserves to.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is a business professional who emphasizes staying with good company.

Finance – An Introduction

Finance is an intriguing industry with a rich and diverse history, as well as a distinct and potent influence over the present day. Finance is a field that primarily deals with the allocation and distribution of assets and other liabilities over time as they are subjected to different terms and conditions throughout this period.

This can include financial elements and instruments like interest and bonds, stocks and much more. Finance is basically the science of money and time management, and how the two correlate. One important thing to note in finance is the time value of money, which is the basic premise that asserts how the purchasing power of a currency can change over time, becoming greater or lesser based on economic and other factors.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond

What financing does, is to use different market and mathematic factors, including risk and reward assessments to determine a fair price for a particular currency. Finance is typically broken into three different sectors, the public, the corporate, and the personal finances.

By studying finances we find ways to put a dollar value on an abstract concept like currency, which is really meant to represent services and goods, as well as the value attached to them. Finance is a necessary part of cultural evolution that allows for things like business and government to operate on a unified system. Without currency and finance, it would be much more difficult to socially engineer large projects, as it would require getting many people with many skillsets together to operate solely on faith.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is a professional businessman who focuses on finance, and how the finance industry can help fund and develop crucial projects around the world.