Month: July 2015

Skiing in Colorado

Internationally known for his professionalism in international business, project finance developments, and infrastructure projects, Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is a senior level business executive who consistently finds success providing services for a vast amount of companies in variety of countries and working with the governments those companies are in. Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is an excellent negotiator that has landed many contracts for the companies and firms he has been in partnership with in South America.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond

The job that Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond has, grants him the great opportunity of visiting a vast amount of countries to view the projects that he has been a part of through the companies he has been partnership with in one way or another. With all the time spent in association with his job, Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond sometimes needs to create time for himself to get out of the office and busyness of work to enjoy some down time.

When he gets some time off, Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond loves to get out and go skiing. Skiing is one of his favorite pastimes. The avid skier likes to hit the slopes in the winter time at many of the pristine mountainsides of Colorado. A couple of Mendez Dangond’s favorite spots are Vail and Breckenridge ski resorts. The incredibly beautiful areas are world renown. They often have the biggest names in skiing and snowboard and famous people of other industries. Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond considers these to be two of his favorite slopes to hit when there is a perfect fresh powder on the ground.