Month: June 2015

Business Skills of Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond

Senior Finance Executives need to possess a good amount of knowledge and expertise in financial knowledge for today’s large-scale projects that are becoming more complex. Their knowledge should cover areas like financial modeling, structuring,  financial consulting, financial valuation, M & A and project finance development, leadership, vision, technical structuring, board based experience and the ability to deliver high results consistently. For people like Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond, who is the former Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Project Finance S.A., it is a core skill to harness that ability to pay attention to detail and focus on the risk analysis and risk valuation of a project to asses and to attain strategic goals and objectives.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond

Throughout the career of Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond, he has proved himself to be a valuable asset to representatives in both the private and public sectors. Advising in construction, operation, and transportation projects regarding their financial and technical feasibility, Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond has helped companies materialize the idea of entering into a joint venture with governments and its institutions. Knowledgeable in his career, Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond takes pride in his work and does his best to help each and every company that asks for his services.

Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond is an internationally known businessman who has worked in the South American subcontinent. He loves to bridge multicultural differences and foster mutually productive ties with peers, subordinates, legal personnel, government officials and those who are key decision makers. Fabio Alberto Mendez Dangond builds relations with the foundation of trust and respect. As a leader, his instills a strong sense of urgency while honoring and monitoring client satisfaction.